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About Online Casinos
What factors we consider when ranking the best online casinos

Casinos like sportsbooks tend to always come down to what a person prefers as there is no one size fits all solution to which online casino is going to suit you, however there are a few factos that will stand out which can be make or break for a casino and with so many around nowadays given the ease of setting one up its important that you know how to weed out the terrible ones from the good ones. Below is a small snap shot of how our reviews are laid out and the things that we look for when analysing the best casino sites in our list.

Overview: Every casino site has a history, when it started, how it started or whether its part of a bigger brand. In this section we will be focusing on how it came to be and going into detail of its history, a brief overview of the software it uses, how long its been operating and a few other of the general features.

Games: The type of games that are available at an online casino can make or break it, the more the better in our opinion and the wider the variety of software providers they use then you’ll tend to get a bigger and better array of video slots and table games to play on. However not all online casino sites do this as some prefer to focus on particular software providers or types of games which appeal to a smaller market where as there are casinos such as Bet365 who try to cover as many interests as possible in a hope of getting the most customers. Here we will be listing some of the more popular games available at each site including what the casinos main focus is.

Fairness: As the majority of games that are available at an online casino are operated by something that is known by a RNG (random number generator) this is how the casino works out whether or not someone has won. It is vitally important that they are fair and offer a chance to actually win money/the jackpot. Rogue casinos are known to edit the % chance of a payout to personally benefit them. However all the casinos that have been reviewed have been checked and verified using the audit seal on site which entails a auditing company coming in and investigating whether or not they are fair.

Customer Support: Equally as important with online betting, people will always get into trouble and that means its vital that there is someone on hand to be able to help you with your problems. In this section we will be looking at the support methods available whether its via Live Chat, Email, Telephone or a contact form on site. The times that they are available from and how quick they are at answering any of the questions you might have. Typically the casinos in our list all will have 24 hour 7 day a week support staff.

Software: While we briefly took a look at the software that has been used in the overview section there is a lot more to talk about so we have dedicated a whole section to it. Here we will be talking about what type of games the software providers produce as some tend to have a main focus of either video slots or table games. Some online casinos only use one type of software provider where as others are known to use multiple providers offering their customers the chance to play a selection of different games these tend to be the better casino sites on our list.

Live Casino: Similar to in-play betting with sportsbooks the live casino is becoming an increasingly popular feature for online casinos to have at their disposal, there are a few reasons why this is with the main one being there is more of a trust factor involved as the dealer will be drawing the cards from directly in front of you and wont be calculated by a machine, the next is the social factor that comes with it as you’ll actually be able to talk with other people that you’re playing with and the dealers themselves.

Security: A factor that is often overlooked by a customer but its definitely as important as the others. In this section we will be talking about the type of security that the online casino has installed from the firewalls that are in use, whether it is SSL protected and what else is in place to protect your personal and banking details being stolen by data thieves.

What factors we consider when ranking the best online casinos

When playing at online casino sites you will notice that every site has a different bonus for you to claim, below we will be taking a look at the type of bonuses that you will see when searching for a new site to play at.

Welcome Package: These are our favourite welcome bonuses to claim generally because they offer the best value for money and come with the added bonus of a few free spins thrown in there as well. Typically a welcome package will consist of a no deposit bonus or a free spins offer to start with to get you through the door, you will then be given a staged deposit bonus + extra free spins every time you deposit. An example of a welcome package that is currently on offer would be Leo Vegas who currently give new customers 50 free spins after they have signed up (no deposit required) followed by a staged £1,500 deposit bonus and an extra 200 free spins on top of all that.

Free Spins: Free spins vary depending on what casino site you decide to sign up to, some sites will limit you to only being able to use them on a specific game (typically one of the new releases) where as other will give you free run of the whole site, you’ll need to check the terms and conditions to see what they have set as the rules. These are normally no deposit bonuses and will be given to the customer after they have verified their account. Each casino is different and will offer a different value for the spins which could range from 10p to £2.

Deposit Bonuses: Deposit bonuses are one of the most common welcome bonuses that you will see at an online casino site, this is where the casino will match your deposit by a set percentage which has been predetermined by the casino themselves. An example of this would be the 400% matched deposit bonus from Labdrokes who will give you up to £500 from it so you just need to deposit £125 to take advantage of the full welcome bonus. However with these bonuses there comes a few more terms and conditions generally there is always a wagering requirement attached to these which means you will have to turn over your deposit + bonus amount a set amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings into your customer account. The main benefit of using a deposit bonus is due to the amount of cash you’re given you can try out everything that the online casino has to offer.